Little miss kimball - participant Application Forms

Below are the required forms that will need to be filled out and returned in order to participate in the Little Miss Kimball program.
You must first download and print the forms to complete (No online submissions at this time).

In addition to the forms, a $40 fee will need to be paid at time of sign up.

To help you better understand the forms, we have them outlined here below. You may also view more details in our Acceptance Letter.

Contestant Contract:
This is a contract that must be signed by the parent/guardian. Please note the sections that talk about Royalty Expectations and Behaviors, and Travel. These are the most important.

Contestant Application:
Tell us a little bit about yourself! This is needed for coordination purposes.

Parental Consent, Waiver & Release:
Must be completed by parent/guardian. Will be kept on file.

Media Permission Form:
Must be completed by parent/guardian. Will be kept on file.

Escort Questionnaire:
Contestants are asked to select an escort to present them on stage on Aug 7th.

Parade Dates & Events:
List of events that the contestants will be required to attend if crowned Little Miss Kimball. Parents will be asked to sign up to drive in at least one event. Sample sign up sheet here.

If you have any questions, you may contact our Little Miss Kimball Coordinator - Patty Decknatel - 320.250.2302

Thank you for taking the time to sign your daughter up for the Little Miss Kimball Ambassador Program!
We look forward to getting to know your child and offering them a chance to represent the city of Kimball!